Range Slider

Add Range slider fields to Contact Form 7. Ultimate Addon’s Range Slider helps you to easily setup field range in your contact form 7 for your WordPress site. Just fill up the form below to understand the feature.

    Range Slider (Example one)

    Range Slider (Example Two)

    Copy the Sample Code of the Above Form

    <label> Your name
        [text* your-name] </label>
    <label> Your email
        [email* your-email] </label>
    <strong>Range Slider (Example one)</strong>
    <label> Your Budget Range (in USD)
         [uacf7_range_slider* uacf7_range_slider-872 min:1000 max:10000 default:1000 show_value:off handle:2]</label>
    <strong>Range Slider (Example Two)</strong>
    <label> Your Maximum Budget (in USD)
         [uacf7_range_slider* uacf7_range_slider-871 min:1000 max:10000 default:1000 show_value:on handle:1]</label>
    <label> Your Project Details
        [textarea your-message] </label>
    [submit "Submit"]
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