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Conditional Fields Mailchimp Integration Redirection after Submit Columns / Grid Layout Frontend Post Submission WooCommerce Addon Multi-step Form Star Ratings Range Slider Complete Form Styler Country List with Flag Repeater Field Booking/Appointment Conditional Redirect Whatsapp Integration IP Geolocation & Many More...

Packed with 25+ essential features, UACF7 is the power-packed plugin you should install after Contact form 7. This All-in-One Contact form 7 addons plugin consists almost all the basic to advanced options which you may need for your WordPress site’s Contact form.

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This plugin replaces half a dozen other extensions for Contact Form 7 and keeps everything together inside the CF7 template page, so it is easy to use and easy to create great looking forms. Highly recommended if you use Contact Form 7 and need more than the basic contact form.

List of Addons

Demo Preview of UACF7

Are you ready to develop a seriously effective Contact form for your website? Our Free & Pro Contact form 7 addons will help you do just that. Click “See Preview” to see a live demo of each addon.

Free Addons


Redirect users to a Thank you page or external page after form submission.

Conditional Field

Show or hide Contact form 7 form fields depending on Conditional Logic.

Columns / Grid Layout

Create two columns, three Columns; even Four columns form with Contact form 7.

Range Slider

Add beautiful Range slider fields to Contact Form 7. Multiple Preview Layout Available.

Multi-Step Form

Create Stunning multi-step Contact form with Contact form 7. Fully responsive & Editable.

Placeholder Styling

Styling form’s placeholder text (e.g. color, background color) without writing any css code.

WooCommerce Product Dropdown

Show WooCommerce Product easily on the form with a dropdown. Customer can select and inquiry about the product.

Form Styler

Completely style the whole form without a single line of css code. For example: label color, Input Color, Input Margin; button style, font size etc.

Star Rating Field

The easiest and efficient way to get feedback from customers on how good a product or service is by adding a star rating field to your Contact form 7.

All Country List with Flag

Add a country drop-down list with country flags. The tag field will automatically add countries name in standard drop-down field of contact form 7.

Connect with Mailchimp

Integrate Contact Form 7 with Mailchimp. Automatically add your Contact Form 7 submissions to predetermined lists in Mailchimp, using Mailchimp’s latest API.

Dynamic Text

Dynamic text will help you to get dynamic data from a website. You can get data in a hidden field. You can get dynamic value from current URL, blog info, current post info, current user info, and custom fields.

Pre-populate Field

The pre-populate field will help you to send data from one form to another form. when you will submit the first form then the form will redirect you to another form where the first form data will be populated.

Save to Database

Our Database addon will help you to store form data in to the database, View data in the admin backend, and Export data as CSV format.

Send PDF Using Contact form 7

It will create PDF through Contact form 7. When someone will submit the Contact form then it will generate a pdf and the pdf will send to the admin and submited mail.

Unique Submission ID

Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7’s Submission ID addon makes it possible to provide unique IDs to submitted forms

Telegram Integration

It provide integration of Telegram with Contact Form 7 through UACF7. This enables your submission data to be effortlessly forwarded to your designated Telegram channel.

Generate Al Forms

This feature allows you to create contact forms with AI prompts. With its intuitive interface, you can swiftly create and customize forms, along with Contact Form 7's tags.

Digital Signature

This feature Facilitates the creation of electronic signatures for individuals seeking to incorporate E-signatures into the system.

More Free Addons Coming Soon…

More Free Addons Coming Soon…

Pro Addons

WooCommerce Checkout

Select a product & submit the form. Users will be redirected to a WooCommerce Cart or Checkout page. Product gets added to the cart automatically.

Repeater Field

Repeater field for Contact form 7. Repeat all kinds of fields (text, files, check-boxes, radio buttons, text-area, dropdown etc). Mail tag supported.

Star Rating Field (Pro)

Get 5 Built in Star Rating Styles to get reviews from your customers. Don't like them? No worries. Just get any icon from Font Awesome and add them. Create review form to a page

Multi Step Form Pro Skins

Premium skin for multi-step forms. Users will be able to select any design skin to a multistep form, and it will generate a pre-design form to a contact form.

Contact Form 7 to Post Type / Blog Submission

Submitted forms gets automatically published as a new post which can be managed from WP dashboard and display on the front end. Custom Field Supported.

Booking/Appointment Form

Create a booking/Appointment Form using Contact Form 7. API Integration with Google Calendar. Add date, time on the form and manage your booking. Users can pay using WooCommerce.

Conditional Redirect

Redirect user to a specific page after submission based on condition. e.g. Condition A user goes to and Condition B user goes to

Custom Column Width

Set form's column at a desired width e.g. Create three columns form with one column width of 12%, one is 27% and other 61%. Set as many columns as needed.

Whatsapp Integration + CF7 Tag Support

Tag support for CF7 fields to be used on redirect URL to pass data. You can also pass submission data to Whatsapp.

Global Form Styler

Completely style all your Forms without a single line of css code & from One Place.

Conditional Field Pro

Advanced Conditional Logic for Range Slider, Star Rating, Country Dropdown, IP Geolocation etc.

Autocomplete Country, City, State, Zip Fields (IP Geolocation)

Set IP Geolocation based Country, City, State, Zip Fields on Contact Form 7.

Woo Product Dropdown

Add specific WooCommerce Product as Dropdown. Add the Products based on Product ID. Connect with Cart/Checkout If Needed.

Woo Categorized Product

Show Product Drop-down field based on specific WooCommerce Category. Connect with Cart/Checkout If Needed.

Woo Multiple Product

Ability to choose Multiple WooCommerce Product from the Dropdown Field. Connect with Cart/Checkout If Needed.

Product Grid view with thumbnails | Contact Form 7 Addons

Product Grid View with Thumbnails

Show your Products with a Stunning Grid View. Products can be added based on ID/Category/Tags.

Range Slider Pro

Add beautiful Range slider fields to Contact Form 7. Select from 3 Premium pre-built Range Slider layouts.

Conversational Form

Conversational form enable the feature to make conditional step in contact form 7 using UAC7 plugin.

More Pro Contact Form 7 Addons Coming Soon…

All You'll Ever Need for a Smooth WordPress Form Creation with CF7 is Right Here

25+ Awesome Addons & Counting...

The All-in-One Contact form 7 addons plugin with all the basic to advanced options one may need for Contact Form.

Easy to Understand Panels

All the options and panels are quite easy to understand.

Custom CSS Option

Easily add your own custom css through our Custom CSS Panel.

Enable/Disable the Option You Need

From our settings panel, you can easily enable or disable the addons. So no risk of loading unnecessary resources.

Responsive and Touch Compatibility

Ultimate CF7 is fully responsive and also supports touch on mobile devices.

Page Builder Support

Fully compatible with popular page builders like Elementor & WP Bakery.

Using multiple Plugins for just a Contact Form?

It’s time for you to reconsider. According to Experts, “The more plugins you have installed on your site, the slower it will be. For every plugin that you add to your site, more code is added to the browser. That’s more to process, so the less code there is, the better your loading speeds will be.

According to Kissmetrics, 40% of visitors will abandon your site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Image courtesy:
Image courtesy Wordfence

On the other hand, If your website isn’t secure, all of the hard work you put into creating your blog or designing an ecommerce store can be destroyed by hackers. According to Wordfence, “At least 47 percent of all WordPress vulnerabilities are Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities”.

While Contact form 7 is the most powerful WordPress Plugin but it lacks a lot of additional functions which users like you always look for. Then you go on and install multiple additional Contact form 7 addons plugin just for a Contact form. That is why we developed “Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7“. Everything you need is all here. Plus, the addon you don’t need, you can always disable them from our settings panel. Thus, you can have a site with less plugins and better security.

100% Compatible, 0% Bug

Ultimate Addons For Contact Form 7 is compatible with all the most popular themes, page builders and plugins.

Lightning Fast Support

Our Superhero support team are always ready to assist you at any time through our Support forum.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 days full refund gurantee if you are not happy with our products, no questions asked.

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