Create Digital Signature With Contact form 7

You can easily create a digital signature with Contact Form 7 using Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 (UACF7). This feature enables you to incorporate a user-friendly digital signature directly into your form.

Enter your email address into the form. This will ensure that you receive the signature attachment along with the PDF document to your email.

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    Backend View

    Signature Pad and Pen customize

    This section also has two properties: the pad background and the pen color. The former determines the background behind the signature, while the latter affects the pen’s color. You can add CSS values or pick a color for this.

    Copy the Sample Code of the Above Form

    [uacf7_submission_id uacf7_submission_id-747]
    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:6] 
    <label> Your name
        [text* your-name autocomplete:name] </label>
    [/uacf7-col][uacf7-col col:6] 
    <label> Your email
        [email* your-email autocomplete:email] </label>
    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:12] 
    <label> Phone No
        [text phone-number placeholder]</label>
    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:12] 
    <label> Enter Your Signature
    [uacf7_signature uacf7_signature-608] </label>
    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:12] 
    [submit "Submit"]

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