WooCommerce Product Dropdown (Multiple Product)

Ability to choose Multiple WooCommerce Product. (Click CTRL / CMD, then select the product)

    Copy the Sample Code of the Above Form

    <label> [email* your-email placeholder "Your email"] </label> 
    <label> Select the Product [uacf7_product_dropdown* uacf7_product_dropdown-698 multiple product_by:id "296" "298" "303"]<small>Press ctrl/cmd button on your keyboard and then choose the products you need</small></label>
    [textarea textarea-531 placeholder "Any special request?"]
    [submit "Submit"]

    Glimpse of Backend Editing Panel (Click to Enlarge)

    contact form 7 woocommerce checkout
    Product Selection based on ID, Category or Tag
    contact form 7 woocommerce checkout
    Cart or Checkout Redirection Option

    How to Setup

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