Contact Form 7 Range Slider

With Contact Form 7 Range Slider addon, you can easily setup field range in your contact form 7 for your WordPress site. It is mainly used to setup digit number with min and max value on range slider. Just fill up the form below to understand the feature.

    Range Slider (Example one)

    Range Slider (Example Two)

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    Glimpse of Backend Editing Panel (Click to Enlarge)

    Contact Form 7 Range Slider
    Basic Settings
    Contact Form 7 Range Slider
    Color Change Option

    Are you looking for more Range Slider Layout?

    With Range Slider Pro, you can add beautiful Range slider fields to Contact Form 7. Select from 3 Premium pre-built Range Slider layouts.

    Form Sample Code

    <label> Your name
        [text* your-name] </label>
    <label> Your email
        [email* your-email] </label>
    <strong>Range Slider (Example one)</strong>
    <label> Your Budget Range (in USD)
         [uacf7_range_slider* uacf7_range_slider-872 min:1000 max:10000 default:1000 show_value:off handle:2]</label>
    <strong>Range Slider (Example Two)</strong>
    <label> Your Maximum Budget (in USD)
         [uacf7_range_slider* uacf7_range_slider-871 min:1000 max:10000 default:1000 show_value:on handle:1]</label>
    <label> Your Project Details
        [textarea your-message] </label>
    [submit "Submit"]

    How to Setup

    Watch this video to understand how to setup Range Slider for Contact Form 7
    sddefault | Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7
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