Pre-populate Field

The pre-populate field will help you to send data from one form to another form. when you will submit the first form then the form will redirect you to another form where the first form data will be populated.

    Backend Settings

    Enable Prepopulate fields

    To enable the Prepopulate fields have to make sure settings is checked.

    Redirect URL

    After summited the first form add the url which page it will be redirected to.

    Select pre-populated form

    select the second form where data will be populated

    Select pre-populated fields

    Select fields that data will be populated to the second form

    Showing Populated Data to the second Form

    Copy the Sample Code of the Above Form

    <br />[uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:6]<br /><label><br />[text* name-data placeholder "Enter Your Name*"] </label><br />[/uacf7-col][uacf7-col col:6]<br /><label><br />[email* email-data placeholder "Enter your email*"] </label><br />[/uacf7-col][/uacf7-row]<br />[submit "Get Started"]<br />

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