30+ Addons, 1 Plugin: Conditional Fields Mailchimp Integration Redirection after Submit Columns / Grid Layout Frontend Post Submission WooCommerce Addon Multi-step Form Star Ratings Range Slider Complete Form Styler Country List with Flag Repeater Field Booking/Appointment Conditional Redirect Whatsapp Integration IP Geolocation & Many More...

Empowering over 40,000 Websites Worldwide, Ultimate Addons is the Must-Have Contact Form 7 addons Plugin. With 30+ essential features, it's the all-in-one solution for your WordPress forms, covering everything from basic to advanced needs.

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Terry C from PortMacOnline

This plugin replaces half a dozen other extensions for Contact Form 7 and keeps everything together inside CF7, so it is easy to use and create great looking forms. Highly recommended if you use Contact Form 7 and need more than the basic contact form.

Our List of Addons

Unlock Every Possibility: Form Functions Custom-Fit for Your Needs!

Design the precise form you need, from contact forms, quizzes, surveys, and conversational forms to payments, newsletter sign-ups, registrations, and more.

Free Addons (20)

AI Form Generator

The Form Generator Addon helps generating contact forms with the power of AI.

Columns / Grid

Easily create two columns, three Columns; even Four columns form using this feature.

Conditional Field

Show or hide Contact Form 7 fields based on Conditional Logic, compatible with Checkbox and Range Slider.

Country Dropdown with Flag

Add a country dropdown list with flags to your form, automatically populating with country names.


The Database addon helps store form data, view data in the admin backend, and export data in CSV format.

Digital Signature

Add a digital signature feature to your forms.

Dynamic Text

Dynamic text retrieves dynamic data from a website for use in hidden fields, including URL, blog, post, user info, and custom fields.

Form Styler (Single)

Style your entire form without any CSS coding, including colors, margins, button styles, and font sizes.

Mailchimp Integration

Integrate Contact Form 7 with Mailchimp. Add submissions to Mailchimp lists automatically.

Multi-Step Form

Create stunning multi-step forms with Contact Form 7. Ideal for long forms and surveys.

Pabbly/Zapier (Webhook)

This addon helps transferring form data to third-party services like Pabbly or Zapier via webhooks.

Pre-populate Field

The pre-populate field sends data from one form to another, redirecting after the first form submission.

PDF Generate

Generate PDFs through Contact Form 7; PDFs are sent to the admin and submitter email upon form submission.

Placeholder Styling

Style form placeholders, like text color and background color, without writing any CSS.


Redirect users to a Thank You page or external page after form submission, with an option to open in a new tab.

Range Slider

Add beautiful Range slider fields to Contact Form 7, with multiple preview layouts available.

Star Rating Field

Get customer feedback by adding a star rating field to your Contact Form 7.

Submission ID

Add an unique id to every form submission. The ID can be added on the "Subject Line" of your form.

Telegram Integration

Forward form submission data to Telegram with the Telegram integration feature.

Woo Product Dropdown

Easily show WooCommerce products with a dropdown, allowing customers to select and inquire about products.

Spam Protect

coming soon - Before sending a form, you can make people solve math problems or recognize pictures. This helps cut down on spam.

Form Preview Before Submit

coming soon - Before submitting a form, users can review their input data conveniently displayed in a popup window.

Material Design

coming soon - Incorporate Material Design principles into form design, offering various Material Types for customization.

Form Submit Later

coming soon - Users can input data and return later to complete and submit the form without losing their progress within a specified time frame.

More Free Addons Coming Soon…

Pro Addons (18)

Booking/Appointment Form

Create a booking or appointment form using Contact Form 7, including calendar and time options, with WooCommerce payment support.

Column: Custom Width

Set form columns at desired widths, like creating a form with columns of 12%, 27%, and 61% widths.

Conditional Field (Pro)

Advanced Conditional Logic for elements like Range Slider, Star Rating, Country Dropdown, and IP Geolocation.

Conditional Redirect

Redirect user to a specific page after submission based on condition. e.g. Condition A user goes to abc.com and Condition B user goes to xyz.com

Conversational Form

Ultimate Conversational Forms create interactive, engaging forms that mimic a conversational experience.

Form Styler (Global)

Style all your forms from one place without any CSS code.

Frontend Post Submission

Automatically publish submitted forms as new posts and display them on the front end, with custom field support.

IP Geo Fields (Autocomplete Country, City, State, Zip Fields)

Set up IP Geolocation-based Auto Complete for Country, City, State, Zip Fields on Contact Form 7.

Multi-step Form (Pro)

Choose from premium skins for multi-step forms, automatically generating pre-designed forms.

Range Slider Pro

Choose from 3 premium pre-built Range Slider layouts for Contact Form 7.

Repeater Field

Add a repeater field to Contact Form 7 to repeat various fields, like text, files, checkboxes, text-areas, etc., with mail tag support.

Star Rating Field (Pro)

Choose from 5 built-in Star Rating styles, or use any Font Awesome icon for custom styles.

Whatsapp Integration + CF7 Tag Support

Tag support for CF7 fields to be used on redirect URL to pass data. You can also pass submission data to Whatsapp.

Woo Categorized Product

Show Product Drop-down field based on specific WooCommerce Category. Connect with Cart/Checkout If Needed.

WooCommerce Checkout

Choose a product from the dropdown field, submit the form, and get redirected to the WooCommerce Cart page with the product added automatically.

Woo Multiple Product

Ability to choose Multiple WooCommerce Product from the Dropdown Field. Connect with Cart/Checkout If Needed.

Woo Product Dropdown

Add specific WooCommerce Product as Dropdown. Add the Products based on Product ID. Connect with Cart/Checkout If Needed.

Product Grid view with thumbnails | Contact Form 7 Addons

Woo Product Grid View

Show your Products with a Stunning Grid View & Thumbnails. Products can be added based on ID/Category/Tags.

More Pro Contact Form 7 Addons Coming Soon…

Why use Ultimate Addons: Top 3 Reasons

Discover why more than 40,000 businesses, designers, and developers believes Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 is the best WordPress form solution.

Build Complex Forms at Lightning Speed, Without Any Coding Skills!

With Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7, you can effortlessly create sophisticated forms in a flash, no coding expertise required.

This powerful WordPress plugin offers a suite of enhancements that streamline the form-building process, making it faster and more intuitive.

Essential Fields & Features to Elevate the Form Building Experience

Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 equips your form-building journey with crucial fields and functionalities.

Along with default Contact Form fields, it also includes Range slider, star rating fields, repeater fields, conditional logic, columns, pre-populate fields, Pabbly-Zapier integration, multistep form creation, booking form  autocomplete fields, and much more.

Contact Form 7 Plugin

Enable/Disable the Addons You Need, Bid Farewell to Slow Websites

Through the intuitive settings panel managing your addons couldn’t be simpler. With the ability to easily enable or disable specific addons, you ensure that your site is free from the burden of unnecessary resources.

This guarantees optimal performance by loading only what you need, when you need it.

Don't just take our word for it.

People love Ultimate Addons.

So impressed on many fronts, the product is great but what was really impressive was the support I received, I had a couple of issues that I couldnt resolved, the support crew got on my web site backend and found the solutions and gave me the appropiate advice. What more could you ask for...
The entire suite is a powerful addition to the bridge the gaps of functionality provided by contact form 7. It is a must-have tool, when you work with contact form 7. The support is great. Short response times, taking time zones into considerations.
This is a great plugin for expanding how your contact forms work and for generating great looking PDFs that allow for repeatable content which is exactly what we needed as a travel company. The support from the team has been incredible, they have listened to our needs, worked out solutions, and implemented them within the plugin very quickly....

Enhance the Power of Your WordPress Forms!

Using Multiple Plugins for just One Form?

It’s time for you to reconsider. According to Experts, “The more plugins you have installed on your site, the slower it will be. For every plugin that you add to your site, more code is added to the browser. That’s more to process, so the less code there is, the better your loading speeds will be.

According to Kissmetrics, 40% of visitors will abandon your site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Image courtesy: leadpages.com
Image courtesy Wordfence

Securing your website is crucial, as all your efforts in blogging or ecommerce can be jeopardized by hackers. Wordfence highlights that “at least 47 percent of all WordPress vulnerabilities are Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities.”

Contact Form 7 is a powerful WordPress plugin, yet it often falls short in offering the additional functionalities sought by many users. This typically leads to the installation of multiple Contact Form 7 add-ons, just to enhance a single form. To streamline this process, we developed “Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7“, which consolidates all the essential features in one place. Furthermore, any add-ons you don’t need can be easily disabled from our settings panel, allowing for a leaner site with enhanced security.

"This plugin is super useful! I have been using Contact form 7 with a few other add-on plugins for cf7. But, after I saw this plugin, I was able to deactivate the other 3-4 addon plugins I had. Keep up the great work."

Enhance the Power of Your WordPress Forms!

100% Compatible, 0% Bug

Ultimate Addons For Contact Form 7 is compatible with all the most popular themes, page builders and plugins.

Lightning Fast Support

Our Superhero support team are always ready to assist you through our Support channels.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 days full refund gurantee if you are not happy with our products, no questions asked.


Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact Us.
My website uses Contact 7 forms, and I needed to go to a variety of conditional redirects to pages based on user responses in the forms. This plugin allowed me to do exactly that. It was simple to set up, and the user interface provided all the documentation I needed for future webmasters to understand what I was doing....
DMC Historical Society
User from WordPress.org
Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7, also known as UACF7, enhances your WordPress-based forms with a collection of over 30 addons. These addons significantly improve the functionality and aesthetics of Contact Form 7, enabling you to create complex online forms quickly and easily.

No coding skills are required to use Ultimate Addons. You can effortlessly create and manage forms without any knowledge of coding, making it the most beginner-friendly contact form solution available in the market.

Please refer to our detailed step-by-step documentation to understand the complete installation process for both the free and pro versions.

No, Ultimate Addons will not slow down your website. If you don’t require all 30 addons, you have the flexibility to enable or disable each one according to your needs. This ensures that only the necessary assets are loaded, optimizing performance.

It is meticulously designed with performance as a priority. Our development approach adheres to best practices and modern standards, ensuring smooth and swift operation.

You can conveniently make payments using PayPal or choose from major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, all processed securely through the Paddle payment gateway.
We offer a hassle-free, ‘No Questions Asked’ 30-day refund policy. For more details, please review our Refund Policy.
No need to worry! Our Superhero support team is available to assist you with technical issues and provide additional guidance. If you’re using the free version, you can submit a ticket here. For Pro users, you can open a ticket here.

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