IP Geolocation

This features will help you to set IP Geolocation based Country, City, State, Zip Fields on Contact Form 7. The fields will be autocompleted based on User’s IP.

    Copy the Sample Code of the Above Form

    <label> Your City
        [uacf7_city uacf7_city-908 autocomplete:true] </label>
    <label> Your State
        [uacf7_state uacf7_state-875 autocomplete:true] </label>
    <label> Zip Code
        [uacf7_zip uacf7_zip-197 autocomplete:true] </label>
    <label> Email
         [email email-336 placeholder "[email protected]"] </label>
    <label> Country
         [uacf7_country_dropdown uacf7_country_dropdown-152 autocomplete:true] </label>
    [submit "Submit"]

    Glimpse of Backend Editing Panel (Click to Enlarge)

    IP Geolocation Option

    How to Setup

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